The Cornell Just-in-Time Toolkit for Managers

Tips, checklists, and resources to help managers lead a disability inclusive workforce.

Topic #6
Effective Accommodation Discussions:
The 3 P's: Performance, Productivity & Preventing Turnover
1. Managers can ignore an accommodation request until it is backed up with a credible medical diagnosis and paper work from a doctor.
2. Managers should always make detailed records about their observations and thoughts about an employee’s disability in order to determine an appropriate accommodation.
3. If an employee has an obvious need for an accommodation, the manager can privately ask the employee if an accommodation is needed.
4. Managers are not required to eliminate essential job functions in order to provide a disability accommodation.
5. An employee can be terminated if he still cannot perform the essential functions of his job after he is granted one accommodation.
6. The manager should inform all co-workers when an employee has an accommodation so that work is not interrupted.
7. If the employee does not mention the ADA, the manager should assume they do not have a right to an accommodation.
8. Once an accommodation is in place, the manager’s involvement is finished.
9. Veterans have rights to disability accommodations under several laws.
10. The average cost of a disability accommodation is about $2000.