The Cornell Just-in-Time Toolkit for Managers

Tips, checklists, and resources to help managers lead a disability inclusive workforce.

Topic #2
Disability in the Workplace:
What's True and What's Not True
1. Health insurance rates are not determined by the percentage of individuals with disabilities in the workforce.
2. Leaders should expect to devote about a quarter of their time to dealing with issues presented by employees with disabilities.
3. An employee who is HIV-positive is considered a direct threat to other employees under the ADA.
4. An employee who has a psychiatric disability (such as depression or bipolar disorder) poses a threat to others in the workplace.
5. Our workforce is aging; the average age of the U.S. workforce is rising.
6. Over 90% of customer’s surveyed report that they prefer to patronize businesses that employ individuals with disabilities.
7. Assistive technologies, such as screen magnifiers and screen readers, are becoming more effective and less costly.
8. The average cost of a workplace accommodation is about $2,000.
9. Only disabilities severe enough to be obvious to others are likely to be considered a disability by the ADA.
10. As a manager, you must be able to deal with disability-related issues on your own.