The Cornell Just-in-Time Toolkit for Managers

Tips, checklists, and resources to help managers lead a disability inclusive workforce.

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Cornell Resources for Disability Inclusiveness

You are not alone 

Cornell is committed to including individuals with disabilities in the diversity effort. Managers have a variety of resources to call upon when a disability issue arises.

Contact the Cornell Medical Leaves Administration

Don’t try to “go at it alone” with disability issues. Contact Medical Leaves Administration:

Phone: (607) 255-1177

TTY:  (607) 255-7066


Understand the disability accommodation process at Cornell 

Staff from Medical Leaves Administration are always willing to meet with faculty and staff regarding any medical leave or disability accommodation issues. In order to initiate a request for disability accommodation, you may fill out the Cover Page and Medical Verification Form and return those to Medical Leaves. However, if you would rather speak with someone from Medical Leaves before submitting a request, please contact us and we will be happy to further discuss your situation.

The Cornell Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)

The Cornell FSAP is a confidential source of workplace support for employees with a range of disability and non-disability related personal issues. To find out more, go to

Building Disability Community at Cornell

Disability Colleague Network Group

Your employees with disabilities can find community and support in Cornell’s colleague network group. 

The Cornell University Disability Colleague Network Group is a university-sponsored employee resource group. Our mission is to raise awareness, serve as an educational resource, provide support, and offer peer mentorship for those working with short-term or long-term disabilities - their supervisors, colleagues, allies, and other supporters. Through both disseminating disability-related information and resources via various campus communication mechanisms, and networking opportunities, we hope to increase the work/life balance, recruitment and retention of faculty and staff with disabilities.

Contact Cassandre Joseph, (607) 255-3976 for more information.

Flexible Workplace Policy

Accommodations can take many forms. Cornell’s flexible workplace policy can enable employees with disabilities to request telework or to work flexible hours outside of the core schedule. To learn more, visit flexibility.cfm

Welcoming Veterans 

Cornell is committed to hiring veterans, including veterans with disabilities. Whether as a student, staff or faculty member, Veterans have much to offer Cornell, and Cornell has much to offer Veterans.

We offer support for our veterans through many departments and benefits from active involvement of our Veterans Colleague Network Group. We aim to provide Veterans with the resources they need to be successful at Cornell and are proud that they are part of the Cornell community.   

Cornell's Military Community page

Persons who have served or are currently serving in the military, ROTC, the Reserves or National Guard bring a unique perspective to the university. Whether entering Cornell University as a student, staff or faculty member, you have much to offer Cornell, and Cornell has much to offer you. To find out more, visit the Cornell Military Community Resources page.

The ADA National Network

The National ADA Network provides free and confidential consultation on any aspect of disability. In addition to workplace issues, the ADA Center responds to questions such as physical accessibility, disability and education, community issues, web accessibility, assistive technologies, legal updates, veteran’s issues and serving customers with disabilities. The Center also provides training, information dissemination and referral. To contact the ADA Center, call toll-free 800-949-4232 or go to